Our rugs

Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs have become quite popular in recent years. Our vintage rugs come from different areas in Turkey and are all handmade. Most of the rugs are shaved and washed before they are laid out in the sun to dry. The rugs then get cleaned and some of them get a colour bath. This process gives the rugs their authentic and unique look. This look is quite popular and looks great in living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms.

Kilim rugs

Rose kilim rugs are authentic, handwoven kilims from Moldova. These kilims are handwoven by Moldavian women to use in their homes or for their dowry. This is how rose kilim rugs were used between 1930 and 1985. Typical for rose kilim rugs are colourful flowers on a dark background. Every rose kilim is unique. We only pick the most beautiful rose kilim rugs from Moldova and then take them to Turkey. In Turkey, they get cleaned and, if necessary, professionally repaired. Once they are completely refurbished, we put them in our showroom and display them on our website where they can be bought.

Patchwork rugs

Our patchwork rugs are made from old vintage rugs. The patchwork rugs are carefully chosen in different colour combinations in order to form an elegant new rug. The pieces are sown together by hand and given a cotton backing. Patchwork rugs can be custom made in any format, shape and colour combination. It doesn’t matter if you want a round or square patchwork rug, or if you want it green or blue. Everything is possible! So if you are looking for a special, custom made rug, this might be the right choice for you. Take a look at our whole selection of rugs and get in contact about the possibilities!

Berber rugs

Berber rugs are handwoven and made from 100% cotton. They were made to withstand cold winters in the mountains of morocco. Because of this, Berber rugs are rather thick, soft and warm. Our Berber rugs come from 3 different regions in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. They are handwoven by Berber families. There are:

Replica rugs

All of our Rose Kilim rugs, Berber rugs and vintage rugs are unique. They are all one of a kind. This is the reason we started to look for ways to produce our vintage rugs in quantity. We have found a way to replicate these old and gorgeous rugs. We call these replications or vintage look rugs replica rugs. The big advantage with these replications is that we can offer them for a bargain price. Take a look at our whole selection online!

Persian carpets

On our trips to Turkey, Moldova and other eastern countries we often encounter gorgeous rugs. And every now and then we happen upon an antique and authentic Persian rug. If we encounter such a rug, we are careful to evaluate it thoroughly. Before we buy a Persian rug, we make sure to know everything there is to know about the rug. Our Persian rugs always come with a passport. This passport tells you where the rug comes from and how old it is. You get the whole history of the rug.

Outdoor rugs and carpets

Outdoor rugs can be a good addition to your garden, patio or balcony. This type of rug can be put outside and are weatherproof. Including outdoor rugs in our product range was a long term wish of ours. However, it proved to be quite difficult to find the right supplier. Sustainability is important to us. So we want to provide outdoor rugs that are made from recycled plastic, have a vintage pattern and don’t fade in the sun or in the rain. After a long search, we only just started selling outdoor rugs and it seems to be a great success already. Take a look at our outdoor rugs!

Kilims from Anatolia

These kilims are handwoven and stem from the central part of Turkey, Anatolia. Typical for these kilims is their reddish, pastel colouring and typical patterns. Anatolian kilims have a special history. They were not only used as rugs for the floor, but also as canvas for tents, tapestry and as packaging to store food. The colouring that is used for these rugs is made from plant material, so the colours are warm and clear.