Tips for choosing a rug

5 Tips for choosing a rug

When choosing a rug for your space you might get overwhelmed by the many options in texture, colour and pattern. And then there is the question of size. We’ll give you 5 tips you can apply in any space, and you will never go wrong again.

  1. 1.       Go for the right size and shape.

Before you go browsing rugs, measure your space. Rugs, in general, look best when they are in the same shape as the space or the created space. So if you have a rectangular room, it’s safe to go for a rectangular rug. However, let’s say you created a square seating area, then a square rug would look better.

The size of the rug is also important. A rug should anchor your space. In general, keep at least 50 cm from the edge of the rug to the wall. The proportions of the rug are also determined by the room and the style. If you have a beach house, a smaller rug is more in place. In cold climates a big rug adds texture and warmth. Make sure that if you have a big rug that all furniture pieces touch the edges.

distressed rug

  1. 2.       Opt for quality

A rug, especially a kilim, can be a big investment. Consider that the more costly rugs are also pieces of art, made by artisans. It is a labor-intensive accessory that can be the cherry on the cake in your interior. Quality rugs are made from natural yarn that is dyed, dried in the sun, woven, and colour-washed. Vintage rugs are antique pieces with a (hi)story.

patchwork rug

  1. 3.       Texture

When deciding on the texture of your rug, keep in mind you would want to create contrast. Is your furniture sleek and glossy, then opt for a wool, fluffier rug. The contrast between a modern interior with a striking vintage rug makes a space more interesting. Also weigh in the age factor. If you have small kids or elderly in the house, raise pile rugs might create a tripping hazard. Especially with kids wool rugs and kilims are your best bet as they are easy to clean.

vintage carpet

  1. 4.       Colour and design

If you already have a lot of colours and patterns in your space, and many accessories it’s best to go with a single-colour, neutral rug. Tone-sur-tone or a contrasting colour will do. Do you like a bold and patterned rug, then you should first buy the rug, and add the furniture later. Also consider the colour of your flooring when selecting the colour of the rug. If you have reddish brown floors you might want to stay away from a pinkish rug.


  1. 5.       Start or finish?

Should you start or finish with a rug when decorating a room? If you like a bold and patterned rug, then you should first buy the rug, and add the furniture later to complement the rug. If you’re focal point is your couch, a table or dresser, then you find a rug that contrasts the build and texture of your furniture.

 kilim rug

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