Rozenkelim blogger retreat

Rozenkelim blogger retreat

From 19-23 September, we welcome three bloggers in our rustic villa Olivio in Turkey. During these 5 days the bloggers are going to explore the authentic Turkey in all its facets. Theprogramme includes the ecological farm Knidia where typical local products like olives, grapes and almonds are grown. In Eski Datca they can visit the narrow streets filled with lush bougainvillea. And they pay a visit to the former mansion of the sultan. A styling challenge with our kilims is also part of the program.




The three bloggers can be followed via Instagram using the hashtag #rozenkelimbloggerretreat. But you can also follow them immediately. Let’s introduce them.



Martine Vianen

Martine shares on her blog Via Martine interior design and lifestyle inspiration, mostly on Scandinavian design, and interiors with natural colors. Furthermore, Martine has a successful label. By Martine prints all your Instagram photos for various products, such as tickets, forex, Polaroid or magnets. For instance, your personal or inspirational moments, beautiful images you can paste, hang up or even send as a greeting card. Her brand has expanded with black and white posters that you frequently encounter on pinterest, and recently been added to the Loods 5 store!


martine vianen

(Credit: Photography Jansje Klazinga for VT Wonen)

Geraldine Tan

Geraldine lives in bustling London and always succeeds in discovering something colorful around her. On her blog little big bell she shares design, lifestyle and interior inspiration so that everyone can inject some colour in his/her life. In daily life Geraldine is a mother of two and a medical doctor.


geraldine tan

(credits: photography Izzy Hudgins)



Louise de Miranda

On her international lifestyle blog 30s Magazine, Louise uncovers her little moments of  luxury, stylish finds and her favorite design and decor tips. She wants to show that luxury does not necessarily have to be expensive, but that special experiences and things are everywhere and right at your fingertips or that you can create your own. In everyday life, Louise is a Communications, PR and Social Media Manager.

louise de miranda

PHOTO (credits: photography Stewart Leiwakabessy)


We wish the three ladies a lot of fun!